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Should You Get An Attorney For a DUI, Is It Worth Getting a DUI Lawyer?

by Rahul Pandey

Maybe you are having trouble deciding whether you need a public defender, go by yourself or hire a professional attorney to fight the DUI or Driving Under Influence case on behalf of you. Hearing for DUI cases is usually held in criminal court. Getting in touch with a trusted law firm is extremely important. Hiring a DUI lawyer in Phoenix is a good enough thing you can do to win the case. But before that, there are points you need to consider.

Why Hiring A Lawyer? 

DUI cases are unique yet complicated to handle. The facts keep on changing. Assessing the weaknesses and strengths of the case can be difficult for someone who has no prior legal knowledge or experience. Take up a free consultation appointment with a DUI lawyer in Phoenix who can help you answer a lot of questions arising in your mind. Bring all case documentation with a police report for the lawyer to assess carefully. Once you meet them physically, it becomes easy for you to decide whether you want to hire them.

Is Hiring An Attorney Useful All The Times?

In standard DUI cases, there is no point in hiring a private lawyer as even if you represent yourself or some other person represents you, it’s all the same. These are the cases where the accused person doesn’t have any previous DUI charges, and he/she didn’t commit any accident, death, injuries, or highly intoxicated driving. But in any case, taking a lawyer’s opinion is essential. Their familiarity with the judge and district attorney can help in mitigations. 

Is It Worthwhile To Let A Public Defender Represent?

Public Defenders are the ones who are good enough familiar with DUI cases as they handle a lot of criminal proceedings. They have exceptional trial skills and know-how to handle the district judges and their tendencies during mitigation. But one major disadvantage of public defenders is that they are loaded with cases. So many feel that their case does not get enough attention. And another issue is you can’t choose your lawyer; it is what the court appoints.

Is Spending On Private Lawyers Worth It?

Yes, it’s worth it to hire a private lawyer, and it can also decrease your license suspension time. But private DUI lawyers are expensive, and there’s no guarantee the result will be in your favour. But one important advantage is you get to choose the lawyer of your choice. It’s better if you can hire someone specializing in DUI cases as they will understand the DUI laws better than any other legal aid. With a private attorney, you need to appear less for the court hearings and save time. You can also sit for one-on-one sessions, which is a lot more comfortable.


Keeping aside all the factors, hiring a lawyer or at least taking legal advice is essential. Lawyers will help you to understand the legal tools better and also measure your case’s weak links. If you are stuck in a DUI case, then without any further delay, appoint a DUI lawyer.


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