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5 Things that You Must Not Overlook In Choosing a Wedding Venue

by Rahul Pandey

Are your thoughts unclear about choosing a wedding venue for your marriage?

If yes, it’s time to begin a quest on the good wedding venue side.

Even smaller wedding-related decisions contribute to making this special day a memorable one, and some decisions hold a greater significance than others.

Choosing the wedding venue is surely one of them!

There are a few things to consider when choosing a wedding venue, as described below.

  1. Decide the number of Venues.

Couples sometimes decide to go for a dual-venue wedding. For example, a ceremony may occur in the house of worship; the reception may organize in an outdoor setting. So, firstly decide on the number of venues you are going to book for your wedding. It is vital because it will help you plan and allocate your budget accordingly.

  1. Wedding Location

Except for destination weddings, commuting is an integral part of the celebration. You’ll want the wedding destination to be accessible to all the wedding guests. So, check if the route is accessible enough for guests going to arrive from the different parts of the city? This aspect becomes even more important, especially if you end up deciding to go for two venues.

  1. Structure and Style

Your priority must be to find a venue that goes with your vision. Traditional setups like indoor locations, rich lightning, ballrooms, and country clubs, are evergreen. You can explore venues like the Grand Tuscany Hotel in Houston that can add charm to your wedding. On the other hand, many couples like to organize their weddings in large open spaces with a simplistic, clean and soothing environment. Once you are clear on the setting you need, choosing the wedding venue becomes much easier.

  1. Number of guests

Capacity constraints may make or break a venue. For example, you can’t accommodate 100 guests in a banquet built for 150. Neither would you want to spend on a large setting when the guest count is on the lower side? If you’re reserving both a ceremony and a reception, make sure both can accommodate your total guest count.

  1. Packages available

Some venues do not provide full service, like food, cocktails, or staffing, resulting in a budget-friendly package if the works are part of your venue’s package; set aside a few percentages of your entire budget to cover all costs.

To ensure you’re getting the best deals, ask about “food and beverage minimums, site fees, and other chargeable components,” which could make a difference in your venue pick. The Grand Tuscany Hotel collaborated with some of the country’s finest wedding planners to create a list of the most important elements to consider when choosing a wedding venue. 


Many things can go wrong when it comes to choosing the right wedding venue for your special day. However, following the tips mentioned above will ensure that you’ve ticked all the right boxes and are well planned for your wedding day!