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Tips to Create a Perfect Lighting Setup for Your Next Event

by Rahul Pandey

Organizing an event is never a cakewalk. There are numerous factors like catering, staffing, venue and location that must be kept in mind. Lighting is another important aspect that can make or spoil an event. And if you’ve ever planned an event, you would agree that event lighting is as easy as it appears

You’ll need to think about the positioning and density of your lights, as well as the colors you’ll use and whether or not the lights will have patterns. But, again, it is contingent on the event’s goal and general style.

It can be a difficult aspect of the planning process. However, below are the tips that will ensure a great lighting setup for your next event.

  • Make a plan for your project.

It’s time to become organized once you’ve gathered all information regarding the event. Depending on the function’s scope, you may need to provide your client with a more detailed project plan and quote. It is a crucial stage frequently missed, but it will set you up for fantastic lighting and a great production overall. 

At the outset, prepare an exact budget for your client. Make a list of all equipment, create an event timeline that includes a floor plan. The lighting design will assist you in determining the types of lights you may require and where they should be placed. To create a suitable lighting plan, make sure you understand the event’s ambiance.

  • High-traffic areas should highlight

Use your lighting strategy to draw attention to the areas where attendees will spend the most time or require the most visibility. Buffets, bars, and tables are all examples of this type of establishment. For example, guests will relish seeing what’s on offer at a buffet and emphasize the bar, and their tables will make it easier for them to navigate the space. 

Pin spots can artistically illuminate centerpieces, floral arrangements, buffets, and bars, but they must be utilized with caution so that guests’ eyes are not irritated. In addition, these lights produce a concentrated beam of light rather than a diffused one, and the price varies depending on the style. 

  • Make Use of Colour

Having coloured lighting at an event can help establish the tone and improve the guest experience when it comes to color. First, consider cleaning the space to help guests see clearly and look their best without being too harsh or bright. Then, washing the room with the appropriate color gives it a warm glow and makes visitors feel at ease. 

Lightning of walls and ceiling is another technique to use coloured lighting. If you’re holding an event in a tent or a plain room, it can be extremely helpful in changing the atmosphere. To avoid a circus aesthetic, you’ll want to utilize this sparingly. Instead, paint all walls with the same color and only one additional color on the ceiling.

  • Take into account the lighting effects

The special lighting effects can greatly wow your audience or guests. The event lights that cast a dazzling corporate emblem or patterned pattern onto the event environment. These can be static or moving, and they can even fade in and out. Using gobos to project patterned lights onto an event space’s walls or ceiling can create a fantastic ambiance.


The above pointers should have given you a better idea of how to light your next event. There’s a lot to think about, and you can accomplish a lot with the correct event lighting. However, if you require assistance in putting your ideas into action, find the right professional to assist you.


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